Maintenance and Servicing

Maintenance is a key aspect of keeping any system running at peak performance whether that be your car, computer, or your drains. While maintenance cannot guarantee that you won't have any problems (i.e. servicing your car doesn't stop you from getting a puncture) it does play a major role in reducing the likelihood of a problem occurring and when a problem does crop up a well maintained and looked after system is much easier/faster to fix.

Drainage Systems

At home drain blockages are the most common problem that you are likely to encounter. For most people the first sign that they have a serious problem with their drainage system is a smell of sewage coming from a manhole (or sink) the second sign is sewage spilling out of a manhole (or toilets backing up) by which time a fair amount of damage can already have been done.

The good news though is that they're usually preventable. Much like dust settling and, if left over a period of weeks, building up; over time drainage systems also build up a similar layer of scale on their surfaces. Depending on usage (i.e. what gets flushed down the toilets and washed down the sinks) this process can take years before a problem arises, however, the build up of scale and grease sets solid and reduces the bore (inside diameter) of the pipe thus reducing the size of the pipe that the sewage can flow through. At key points (e.g. corners) this reduction in size will eventually lead to a blockage which will take a long time to clear because of the need to also break through all of the scale that has built up on the inside of the pipe.

Pump Stations

Pump stations are often used in residential property to pump sewage uphill to the nearest main line. Pump stations are generally autonomous requiring nothing more from their owners than a supply of electricity, however, many systems require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working correctly. Mono pump stations for example require regular lubrication of moving parts to ensure that the system runs smoothly. A second important area of maintenance is making sure that the system is 'clean' and free of any items that may block and/or damage the pump as well as removing any build up of grease. Ensuring that the pump station is kept clear of grease and rag significantly reduces the likelihood of having a problem with the system and drastically increases the expected working life of the system saving on pump repairs/replacement and other costs.