Drain Blockages

B. N Pumps has a wide range of toools to clean all types of blockages from things as simple as over flowing toilets and sinks to larger problems such as blocked drains and sewers.

We also provide contracts to clean drains on a regular basis to prevent blockages occuring and keep drains running freely.

Common signs of drain blockages

Overflowing toilets, smells coming from plug holes, leaking manhole covers... These are all signs of blocked drains.

Drains can become blocked for a wide variety of reasons; some are avoidable (e.g. only flushing human waste and toilet paper) while others are not as easily preventable.

Reasons for drains blocking up include the following:

Is it your responsibility?

Whether or not the blockage is your responsibility or whether you share the responsibility with other people (and/or the water company) depends one where the blockage has formed. Generally speaking, if the blockage has occurred inside of you home or in drains that are solely for the use of your home then you are responsible for having the blockage cleared. If, however, the blockage has occurred in a section of drain that you and others have fed into then it becomes a shared drain and is the responsibility of everyone who feeds into it to have it cleared. Further more, if the blockage has occurred in a main sewer line then the responsibility is that of the water company.